Women’s March Project

Art Direction

This free sign + poster resource was developed for the Women’s March, a historic nation-wide march which took place in January 2017.

During development, we considered technology barriers and lack of resources as challenges that participants would face. Many people wouldn’t have time or financial resources necessary to hand make signs, while many others would not feel comfortable enough with technology to use traditional digital tools to print their own signs. As a response, we created an accessible, easily sharable sign + poster resource that guides users through picking paper size, choosing paper type, and printing their signs.

This free sign + poster resource includes 18 unique sign options in 3 sizes and was distributed to over 200 sister marches within the United States.

8.5 x 11 Signs + Posters
11 x 17 Signs + Posters
12 x 18 Signs + Posters

Strategy: Jessica Brown
Design: Franco Castillo
Art Direction: Jessica Brown