What do you see?

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Artist Wangechi Mutu creates multi-layered visual and conceptual collages, which require the viewer to look at familiar things in unfamiliar ways. As part of an initiative to introduce children to contemporary art, we collaborated with Mutu to create a children’s book.

We embraced looking in new, unexpected ways both in the layout and narrative of the book. The orientation of the book is flipped and opens vertically, challenging readers’ expectations from the start. Each page in the book reveals a small part of a single collage, the entirety of which is shown on the last page ― revealing a strong, powerful woman. “What do you see?” ends every page, continuously encouraging readers and their caregivers to look closer and engage further with Mutu’s work. 

This book launched in Spring 2016. It is distributed internationally and available at the MoMA Design Store, the Smithsonian, and SFMoMA.

Read It Real Good
What do you see?

Art: Wangechi Mutu
Text: Kyla Ryman
Strategy: Jessica Brown
Design: Cari Sekendur
Art Direction: Jessica Brown
Photography: Justin Bordeaux
Publisher: Home Grown Books