Home Grown Books

Brand Strategy + Voice
Research + Positioning
Copywriting + Messaging
Art Direction
Digital + Marketing Strategy
Event Production

Home Grown Books is a start up publishing genre-pushing children’s books, with a focus in early childhood literature.

Built upon the belief that raising diverse thinkers will change the world, each Home Grown Books project encourages readers to engage beyond the pages of their books. The brand is knowledgeable, supportive, creative, and completely willing to take risks. Alphabet books without alphabets, narratives centering strong, powerful women, authentic diversity initiatives: Home Grown Books challenges what you expect from children’s literature.

Home Grown Books began in 2011 in the NYC metro area, and is now distributed internationally. Lead Strategy, Copywriting, and Creative Direction at Home Grown Books from 2012 to 2017.

Alphabet in Bloom
Black Cowboys
What do you see?

Babiekins Mag

Strategy: Jessica Brown
Design: Language Department, Cari Sekendur
Photography: Justin Bordeaux, Nico, Alice, Demi-Brooke Kerr 
Art Direction: Jessica Brown