Alphabet in Bloom

Concept Development
Copywriting + Messaging
Marketing Strategy
Art Direction

To create an alphabet book unique enough to stand out in an already saturated children’s book market, we played with the idea of changing and omitting the fundamental parts of an alphabet book. How much could we reimagine without making the book unrecognizable as an ABC book?

We created an alphabet book without an alphabet. Traditional picture book meets guessing game meets alphabet book in this reimagined and genre-pushing iteration of an ABC book.

An Alphabet in Bloom launched in Spring 2017, and is now distributed internationally.

Krista Lii
An Alphabet in Bloom
Children’s Book Review

Illustration: Nathalie Trovato
Strategy: Jessica Brown
Design: Cari Sekendur, Louis de Villiers
Art Direction: Jessica Brown
Photography: Jessica Brown, Joëlle, Nina, NicoDemi-Brooke Kerr, Norah Masse-Clark
Publisher: Home Grown Books